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    Where are the Dashboard Files Stored?


      I am using GMPE 2016.1.0.172.  I have a buggy dashboard that anytime anyone clicks on it, it freezes up the GM application.  I've waited up to 15 minutes to see if the 'not responding' message will go away, but the only recourse has been to close the application.  I'd like to delete it, but the only way I know of is to right-click on it from the list of available dashboards. Which, of course, causes the 'not responding' message again.


      Where are the dashboard files stored so that I may delete it directly from the source and not through the User Interface?  Does anyone know if that will cause any issues?


      I thought about deleting all the data sources associated with it to hopefully clear up whatever bug is in it, but when I look at the Data Source Manager, I did not name them well enough to know what is what - lesson learned there!  My next thought was to go back through all the good dashboards we have and add descriptions to those data sources so that I can tell which ones are on which dashboard and then get rid of the bad ones by a process of elimination, but that is going to be a project.


      Thanks in advance for any help or ideas!