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    More issues with the XMLAPI - DS_Range along with DS_Fetch no results when there should be

    darrenlawrence Rookie

      Again I find an issue with the XMLAPI I kind of wish I stuck with the COM API but the XMLAPI is supposed to be better ?!?!


      using DS_Range then DS_Fetch works just fine until you get an account number with crap caracters in it


      My call is to return detail records using these calls and will work on the most part but


      My parameters







      "Tag=CONTSUPP"; // Index to use


      "TopLimit="+ sItem ;


      "BottomLimit=" + sItem;


      "Fields=" + string.Join("", ContSuppFieldsList);


      sItem is AccountNo + RecType + DetailName  "A3022743922#:4VOTRobPFORECAST SALE"


      using this accountno NO records get returned but in SQL it does


              CONTSUPREF ,
              LINKACCT ,
              CONTACT ,
      WHERE   U_CONTACT = 'Forecast Sale'
              AND ACCOUNTNO = 'A3022743922#:4VOTRob'
        AND RECTYPE = 'p'


      yet the excat same call with  A1071162600&D)L4 Mr  account no is fine!


      I suspect its the # in the accountno value


      Anyone else seen this and maybe has a work around


      I tried using CDATA tag around the value but no joy


      DS_Query works fine with that so for now I need to re-work to use DS_Query instead but it should work