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    GMPlus not launching MS Word


      I have a single workstation that when merging a word template will not launch word.  If word is already open then the merge will succeed. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything other than MS office (2007).


      Next idea was to do a manual uninstall of GMPlus for Word.  Is there a list of all the registry locations?  Or does anyone have an alternate suggestion I can try.



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          roygriffiths Rookie

          We can't really proceed without knowing the version of GoldMine you are running.  Please publish that first.

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            RSanch Rookie

            I've run into this quite often with Office programs trying to use Goldmine. Your best bet is to uninstall GM Addins from control panel and remove from registry, I  delete the following for all Outlook, word, and excel issues.


            HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\FrontRange Solutions\GoldMine\vstoinstalled



            Once removed, reboot - then re-install the GM Addins. Next, run a reg file. The below will only work for Office 2007. Just open a note pad, paste, and save as a .reg then run it. It would be best to take a backup of your current registry before running just to be safe.



            "OPEN"="/A \"GMPlusOffice2007.UserDefinedFunctions\""

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              Thank you, Raven.  I had resolved my issue by basically doing full and deep uninstall of office.  Ugly solution but functional.  Next time I will try this first.