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    Search attachment for text?

    mozzer888 Rookie

      Is there a way from within Goldmine (or perhaps an additional plugin / service) to search the text of an email attachment?

      The use case is that we get CVs via email and it would speed up a search for a specific skill set if we could simply search the CV documents.

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          Doug Castell Expert

          If your attachments are in a location that's indexed by windows search, you can add them to universal search on the documents tab. 

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            BarbaraB Rookie

            You will love this "free" program:  "Everything" from www.voidtools.com   Take the time to review the tutorial (I think there's a youtube video) to take advantage of it's ability to

            search file content.  If you have the CVs in nested directories this will work wonderfully for you.  It indexes files so it's wicked fast. (Don't think it indexes content although it will read it).


            If you take the time to add a line to the attachment (CV "shorthand")  or better yet, save the file with a dominant skill keyword you WILL have your index!


            Barbara Blackwell

            Sabre Software Design, Inc.