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    GM Web Import on IIS


      I'm testing getting the GM Web Import feature, I'm working on IIS7 with Win 2012r2 and getting a

      "500 Internal Server Error message There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed" with no detail. 

      Does anyone have a step by step instructions on how to get these scripts set up and working on IIS 7? 


      The GM Web Import scripts seemed to get generated properly, I have 2 files and can view them locally but,  I'm having no luck with either CDONTS or ASPMail Scripts when I install them on IIS7 and try and run them.


      There is plenty of troubleshooting steps on the web for the IIS 500 error message.  I'm really wanting to know if someone has a IIS step by step setup I can follow and test.


      Thanks in Advance

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          Well I ended up answering my question with trial and error.  The GM CDO scripts work with my IIS7. The others would not, I guess they are for older IIS servers.  All is good!  Looking forward to using this cool feature!! 

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            JDymon Apprentice

            The GoldMine generated asp scripts are very old/outdated....
            Being able to implement/use GoldMine Web Import is really more about being able to create/send a .ini or .xml style email and less about using ASP or ASP.net or even IIS for that matter.  I use PHP for example to generate my web import emails using Linux.