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    Two annoying Goldmine bugs/behaviors

    dariobavicchi1 Apprentice

      We have GoldMine Premium 2017.1.0.328 but the following behaviors happens also in previous gm version.


      Contact page:

      we have contacts with lot of activities and if i need to do a quick search on old ones, i'm using the mouse scrolling wheel.

      To scroll down history/pending activities in that way i need to click before on one activity row then i can scroll down very fast.

      The problem is that this works only if mouse pointer is also inside the history/pending activities windows, if not GM will scroll between contacts.

      In that way i loose the focus on contact where i'm working in and i need to wait 15-20 seconds because GM scroll 10-15 contacts.

      The same behavior happens if i try to scroll down into the right preview activity windows.

      I don't know if i'm the only one to suffer about it, but i probably loose in that way minutes every day that summed counts hours in a year.


      Email Page:

      Sometime i need to do inbox/folder cleaning.

      To do it faster  i change the ordering field to FROM then i select multiple rows to be deleted.

      Unfortunately after i deleted, the email list is not correctly refreshed so that it's easy to select after that the  wrong row.

      To refresh the list the only way is select another folder than come back to the previous one.

      This happens only with multiple row selection, single row works

      I can't exactly remember when but this bug appeared some years ago