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    [Webinar] GoldMine Showcase: IntelliClick - October 10th at 2 PM Eastern

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      With email marketing, “real time” knowledge is everything. With IntelliClick for GoldMine, marketing teams can send campaigns directly from GoldMine, track back to GoldMine and instantly alert their sales team of quality opportunities.

      Join us in this GoldMine Showcase Webinar on Tuesday, October 10th at 2 PM Eastern with Pamela Pearl, VP of Marketing, Training & CRM Solutions for GoldMine at Business Automation Solutions, Inc. to learn more about IntelliClick's seamless integration for GoldMine and how to easily send email campaigns to your target audience.

      We will walk you through the following features of IntelliClick:

      • Web Page Visitor Tracking
      • One Click "Call To Action"
      • Subscription Management
      • Email Analytics
      • Inbound Marketing

      At the end of the webinar, we will host an Open Q&A Session where you can ask us any questions you have about IntelliClick, GoldMine or CRM in general.

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