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    Can users that are no longer with the company be removed from the drop down list without affecting existing links?


      Can users that are no longer with the company be removed from the user drop-down list without affecting existing links?



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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          I'm not clear on just what you mean by "existing links"???  However, for the most part, YES, they can be removed, USUALLY without any negative ramifications (depending on how "Access to Others" is being used with that particular GM installation - I explain further below).


          Side Note:

          • There are many places in GoldMine that merely removing an existing GM login ID does NOT properly clean-up remnants.  While GoldMine's interface supports re-assigning pending activities and un-filed emails to another ID, it does NOT properly handle lots of other components (e.g. Filters, Groups, etc.).  If GM IDs are purely removed/deleted, then you potentially leave orphaned data that cannot be accessed otherwise.  We often support clients with removing obsolete IDs by making sure these "remnants" are cleaned-up along the way, thus avoiding leaving orphaned, unusable data behind as well.  For those clients that may have blindly removed IDs WITHOUT this proper, recommended clean-up, we also often help with identifying and cleaning up existing orphaned data.


          • We strongly advocate proper clean-up and removal of IDs that are no longer being used, we simply suggest it be done in a comprehensive, proper manner.


          The one area I'm aware of that something may appear to "break" due to removing an obsolete GM ID has to do with the "Access to Others" settings within the specific IDs properties, as illustrated here:


          If the default values apply (as noted above), all is OK.  Further, if any options are UNCHECKED, all is OK.  However, if any option is set to a GROUP (rather than "(all)") and the obsolete ID being removed is a member of that particular GROUP, then once that ID is removed, the GM ID with these "Access to Others" settings will no longer be able to access that specific user's items.


          An example:


          Let's say a group called "Sales" exist and contains member GEORGE.  Further, let's say for certain GM users, the History option above is set to this "Sales" group (rather than the default "(all)" setting).  Since GEORGE is a member of the "Sales" group, anyone with the Sales group set for History will be able to see any HISTORY with GEORGE as the GM user ID.


          If GEORGE leaves the company and his GM ID is removed (even if done so the "recommended" way I refer to above), then any users with their "Access to Others" HISTORY set to the "Sales" group will NO LONGER be able to see HISTORY with GEORGE listed as the GM USER.  This is because the HISTORY items still show GEORGE, yet GEORGE is no longer a member of the "Sales" group, since GEORGE no longer exist as a GM ID.


          Clear as mud?   Hope this feedback helps. Please let me know if I need to clarify anything.

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