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    Programatically Relating Contact records via Relationship Tree

    SEaton Rookie

      Has anyone "hacked" the Relationship tree to relate contact records to each other? 


      In the property management world, imagine three separate contact records for Landlord, Property and Tenant.  When a service ticket is completed on the Property record, we want to email a satisfaction survey to the "related" Tenant record.


      We're already using the relationship tree to relate these records together, so has anyone used the relationship tree by prefixing entries to describe each entries role, like this:
      [LL: Joe Landlord] (chart)

           [PR: 123 Main St] (section)

                [TN: Sue Tenant] (link)


      Then a SQL trigger could send the survey email to the tenant (TN:) associated to the property (PR:) by "looking them up" by the two-letter prefix in the relationship tree.


      Any better ideas on how to accomplish this?


      Ultimately, it would be great if we could have a "relationship manager" where we could create custom Relationship Types, and then using AP's or when completing cases perform actions on contact records with a specified relation. I'm not holding my breath for that to happen, but would like to come up with similar functionality.