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    What would be the best encoding character set to use? utf-8 seems to garble characters in body text of re-queued emails.

    EWilli Rookie


      Just upgraded this week to 2017.1.0.384 from 2015. We're in the US.


      We use GM for our all of emails, and have our own exchange server, use Windows desktop machines.

      Of course our CEO noticed when he was re-queuing an email to add additional update information, a lot of the characters ended up converting to strings of garbled information.

      Example #1: <!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->

      Example #2: apostrophes show on the screen as this: ’ or similar.


      The best I can make head's or tails about this is that in the Email Options Tab/More options/ Composing tab the Encode Email using character set defaults to utf-8.


      Would "Windows-1252" be a better option? Or is there something else that is causing this garbled mess altogether?

      Any help is appreciated in advance,