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    HII in an isolated network environment




      I'm trying to get PXE rep working with HII in an isolated network environment, so I installed an agent and deployed PXE rep to a workstation. Now I disconnected from our network and moved it the warehouse environment with no network connection. How can I get HII to work with WinPE menu?


      The following is what I have accomplish so far:

      1. Workstation running W2K3 with DHCP enabled

      2. All images and drivers are stored locally on this workstation, HII is working while connected to the core with WinPE menu.

      3. Workstation is plugged into a 24 ports switch


      I'm trying to create an HII imaging workstation without connecting to the core, but in the near future when connection are established I can manage it again.


      What is the easiest way to modify this PXE rep so it can broadcast DHCP to any devices connected to the switch and be able to select an image from WinPE menu?


      Thanks in advance,


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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          OSD requires a Core, pretty much "full stop".


          You *CAN* script your own OS Deployment thing, but that'd be pretty much just a glorified of an unattended install - really, the client need to talk to a (or "the") Core for things to work.


          What you can do is - assuming you have something like VMWare or Virtual PC (which i seem to recall is now free?), you can just create a Core server on a virtual OS - and have that be "the core" to do the OSD stuff until you get the site back on your grid.


          Would this be something that you can do?


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead