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    Is it possible to merge accounts?


      Hello, I've been tasked with cleaning up Goldmine, as we have quite a bit of duplicate information and duplicate entries.  Normally, if there are two entries for the same company and there's not a lot of information, I've just manually re-typed the information on the entry I wish to save.  Not so with this company.  There are numerous contacts in both entries, as well as numerous entries under History. Is there anyway I can merge the two entries into one?


      Thank you!

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          DHunt Specialist

          Absolutely.  Tag the Account that you want to Merge into 1st and then Tag the Account you wish to Merge into the 1st Account.   Now, from the Menu, select the option Merge Tag Records.

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            John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

            DJ's talking about using the Merge/Purge feature in GoldMine, specifically the Merge Tagged Records option:



            2 pieces of advice:


            1) Absolutely do NOT use the "Merge/Purge Records Wizard", UNLESS you know for sure you know what you are doing. (I use it all the time with clients, but I claim to know what I'm doing. )


            Merge Opened Records and Merge Tagged Records are not near as dangerous, due simply to the # of records involved.  However, you still need to know what you are doing.


            2) Be sure and read up on merge purging in the online documentation very carefully.  It's important to understand the implications and how a merge/purge is handled.  Once you understand and have a handle on it, then doing such is rather simple.


            Hope this feedback helps.

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              Thank you for your advice.  I'm a little scared to do this. In the two records I want to merge, one has a history going back to 1997 and 44 entries for history. That one is still labeled as a prospective customer. The active customer record has a history going back to 1999 and 534 entries in history (yes, I counted them. That was my morning brain exercise apparently).


              I created two dummy records for me to play around with while I try to figure this out. If I can't get a firm grasp on it, I'm not merging the records. There's too much at stake if I lose the customer information.


              Thank you again!

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                DHunt Specialist

                Whenever doing something destructive, and this is destructive, you should always, always, always Backup your Database before you do anything.

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                  I just successfully merged my two dummy records. It was really pretty straightforward - tag two records, go to data management, merge/purge records, and merge tagged records. It seemed so easy, which it was.


                  I tried looking up your suggestion to use merge opened records and merge tagged records, but I didn't see any such things.



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                    John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup



                    Here is how I would  go about finding more info on the Merge/Purge options I mentioned:  (Note:  I am running GM version 2017.1.)


                    • Via the Help menu, choose GoldMine Help.



                    • In the top right of the help window, type "merge" and search:


                    • The 3rd option down in my search results shows "Merging and Purging Records".  Select that option.
                    • Selecting this option should show something similar to this (which is not all that helpful, but at least a little):


                    • Expand the "Merging and Purging Records" option showing in the Contents on the left.
                    • Then, select the "Selecting the Merge and Purge Methods" option on the left.  The content then showing on the right is very useful (in and of itself):

                    • After reading what shows on the right, be sure and scroll down and read all that is there.  Notice at the very bottom of the scroll window are topics covering "Merging Open Contact Records" and "Merging Tagged Records":



                    Hopefully that online help content will truly be helpful.


                    By the way, regarding this previous comment:  yes, I counted them.


                    Are you aware of the Summary feature in GoldMine?  It's generally available ANYWHERE that there is a row-oriented display of information.  This includes, but is not limited to, the History tab.  Right-click in the main content of History records and make sure Summary has a check mark beside it:


                    With Summary checked, a number should display at the bottom left, indicating how many records are displaying:


                    On the History tab, if this number is not as high as you think it should be, right-click again and go to Options | Maximum number of records shown:



                    This setting simply allows the History tab to perform more optimally without displaying an unruly large # of unnecessary records.  Each user can adjust as needed.


                    Most areas do not have a limiting # like this, but the History tab does AND the Contact Search Center does (and rightfully so, as you do not want large #s in either place, for performance sake).


                    The Contact Search Center limiting # is determined by a System Setting found on the Display tab under Tools | Configure | System Settings:


                    NOTE:  In both cases of the History tab AND the Contact Search Center, you can bring up an "additional" group of records (123 in my History tab example above and 500 in my Contact Search Center example above) by simply pulling the scroll bar all the way down to the bottom right:


                    My count on the History tab then goes to 246 (123 x 2) and, with another pull of the scroll bar, then goes to 369 (123 x 3), etc.


                    Hope this feedback helps.  Please let me know if I need to clarify anything.

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                      OMgosh, wow!  Thank you SO MUCH!!  You really do know GM!  I know we are not using it to its potential and everyone here knows little bits and pieces, but they're all very basic tasks. I was shown pretty much what I'd need to know, so I feel very limited.  That summary function will be helpful! It would be nice to be a little more knowledgeable on GM.

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                        garym Rookie

                        Search for "Merge" in GoldMine Help.