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    User Can See Historical emails.

    aoc123 Rookie

      Basically the issue is this –


      A standard user can view any historical e-mails associated with a contact (the history tab in the record) that no one else apart from admin can. 


      The highest level user (permissions wise) is a more senior member of staff, she can see certain users e-mail but only certain ones, not directors like the standard user can (the standard user shouldn’t be able to do this, there are only 2 users in the directors group and the standard user isn't in here). 


      All permissions of the standard user account are lesser/equal to the more senior member of staff. She isn’t in any permissions groups she shouldn’t be.


      A copy of the standard user’s account is exactly the same (can view all historical mail from all users) where as copy of the more senior member of staff or any other user means they can see the correct emails.


      The standard user has no master rights.


      Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated