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    How to over-ride Duplicate email?

    lawhittle Rookie

      Does anyone know how to change the email setting to over-ride so that I CAN create duplicated?  I use GM differently than it was intended, we create duplicate records for an organization where there is one main contact representing multiple contacts.

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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          From our internal KB:


          To accept duplicate E-mail addresses, set the following in the primary GM.ini file located in the main GoldMine folder on the server:






          0 is the default.


          Word of caution:


          Be prepared for some fallout.  When sending and/or receiving emails, they may not "attach" to the desired record, if you allow and have duplicate email addresses.


          Hope this feedback helps.

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            Doug Castell Expert

            In the current version of GoldMine, this global setting is available to master users under Tools|Configure|System Settings|Advanced tab.

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              JDymon Apprentice

              This is a good reason to use the Relationships Tree/Org Chart feature of GoldMine.
              I would not recommend duplicating emails, it will lead to more headaches than its worth.

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                PJohns Apprentice

                Lauren, don't do it. Jerome is correct it will give you trouble. If a duplicate email exists emails will only attach to the first one that was created. So if the email is from the contact on record A it may only link to the contact on Record B. I do understand your approach but you may need to find an alternative such as Relationships. Or maybe even Record types where you mark a different looking record as the primary contact. I hope you get this sorted.