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    Color email address depending on email mergecodes

    dariobavicchi1 Apprentice

      We just cleaned our huge email data putting specific codes into each email Mergecodes field.

      I thinked also  that could be great to have this information immediately available in the main contact screen using data color expression on email address field properties.


      So i wroted the following expression that, in theory, identify by color  the visible email address depending on his Mergecodes:

           iif(trim(upper(ContSupp->MergeCodes)) == [CAN],16711808,

           iif(trim(upper(ContSupp->MergeCodes)) == [ERR], 255,

           iif(trim(upper(ContSupp->MergeCodes)) == [STO], 8421504,

           iif(trim(upper(ContSupp->MergeCodes)) == [VRF], 32768,

           iif(trim(upper(ContSupp->MergeCodes)) == [PEC], 32768,

           iif(trim(upper(ContSupp->MergeCodes)) == [NVR], 8421376, 0))))))


      Expression does'nt work.

      Occasionally i can see the right colour, when i click on email address,but  then it reverse on last option (black  = 0)

      Now my question is:

      Is wrong the expression i wroted or it's not possible at all to do what i planned?


      Thanks for help