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    History Tab In Premium


      We really need a way to lock down the History tab in Goldmine Premium from edit and delete for normal users without losing the ability on the rest of the tab.

      Master users should have the rights to edit and delete.

      Is there a fix or 3rd Party software for this. I would think this would be a standard feature.


      Thank you,


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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          It's definitely not a "standard feature" (although you can prevent users from SEEING each others History, using standard features).


          We've written custom SQL triggers for several clients that prevent deletions on the History tab, except for a select few identified GM users.  The same concept could be applied to prevent edits as well.

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            Thanks John for your reply.

            I defiantly would like to know more about the triggers and how they work and are set up.

            We need to allow the sales reps to view and read the notes in history on what has happened on the account.

            We also record changes on the record in the account in history. These are great features but only if we can stop the employees from changing or deleting them.

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              John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

              Sorry for taking so long to respond, Marshall.  Just working with a full plate.


              I'm afraid going into details regarding SQL triggers is probably beyond the scope of this community forum.


              As a certified partner, that is something that we do for clients, as a matter of our services.  We strive to help out all we can via these forums (obviously at no cost), but certain details and/or subject matter too often tends to dip into more time investment than is available.


              I primarily wanted to acknowledge this is not a "standard feature", but is VERY doable in light of the SQL Server database platform.


              Hope this feedback helps.

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                I would like more information any any possible cost associated with this please.

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                  John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

                  I've just sent you an email regarding such.