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    Where the templates option went? Oct. 2017 upgrade

    javiersv Rookie

      GoldMine premium edition version 2017.10.0422 Oct. 10 2017 running Windows 10 education & Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 Outlook: I want to use outlook for linked e-mail addresses and not GoldMine as Explores's e-mail client. But, doing so the option for templates are gone. I checked for add ins but this new upgrade is gone.  Any recommendations?

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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup



          As of GoldMine 2017.x, you now have two (2) options for an Outlook add-in related to GoldMine.  I'm showing screen snippets below related to GoldMine 2018.1, but I'm pretty sure these screen snippets are the same with GoldMine 2017.1 as well.


          During the GoldMine installation on a workstation, you should now NOT see Outlook on the same installer screen with the Word and Excel add-ins:



          But rather, should NOW see the following options, AFTER clicking NEXT on the screen shown above:



          The FIRST option ("GoldMine Link") is the NEW add-in with a slightly different look-n-feel.


          The SECOND option ("GoldMine Plus!") is the OLD add-in, that you are most likely familiar with, based on your questioning.


          I'm clearly not sure WHICH GoldMine add-in you wish to use for Outlook?!?!?


          Well, with the OLD Outlook add-in (2nd option above), to the best of my knowledge, the GoldMine templates should still be accessible just like they have been for several years.  I don't have such currently installed, so I cannot show any screen snippets of such. (However, if my memory serves me correctly, it's very similar to what I show below, regarding having a "handle" to click when composing an email in Outlook.)


          For the NEW Outlook add-in (1st option above), the ability to use GoldMine email templates when composing an email in Outlook has only recently been added with GoldMine version 2018.1.  Therefore, since you are running GoldMine 2017.1.0.422, in order to use GoldMine email templates when composing an email in Outlook, WITH THE NEW GoldMine add-in, you would need to first upgrade your GoldMine (and the Outlook add-in) to GoldMine 2018.1.


          Using the NEW GoldMine (2018.1) add-in with Outlook, then provides a simple "handle" to click, when composing an email (located above the From line):



          Once you click that small "handle", you will clearly see the "GoldMine Templates" field which provides the GoldMine email templates to choose from:



          Hope this feedback helps. Please let me know if I need to clarify anything.