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    Additional Contact Mobile Phone

    DMendl Rookie



      We are in the process of migrating our data to a new CRM. We have stored mobile phone numbers for additional contacts in the field labeled the Mobile. How can I query this using sql? Right clicking in the box doesn't give me the typical selection with properties so I can see the db field name. We are using version 2015.2 Premium Edition.




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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          Additional contacts are stored in the CONTSUPP table with a rectype value of C.  Here is a simple query for listing them:


          select * from contsupp where rectype = 'C'


          The field in CONTSUPP that stores what shows in the GM Interface as "Mobile" is actually the FAX field.  It goes back to the older days, when they had that field labeled fax.  They changed the label some years back, but did NOT change the DB field name to coincide with the label.


          Hope this feedback helps.

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            DMendl Rookie

            Perfect! Thanks John.

            I read that they changed the ui label from Fax to Mobile. It didn't dawn on me that they would leave the db field name as Fax.

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              Doug Castell Expert

              they do try to keep database fields on the back-end backwards compatible as much as possible.  While this can cause some surprises, it does help to keep integration, 3rd party tools, etc. as compatible as possible -- even with newer versions of GoldMine.