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    [GoldMine] GoldMine User Group: GoldMine 2018.1 Preview

    sarahfriedlander Apprentice

      In our upcoming GoldMine User Group on Thursday, November 16 at 2PM Eastern , we will cover key enhancements to the new GoldMine Premium 2018.1, due to be released in early December 2017, including:

      • Customizable backgrounds and font sizes
      • Constant Contact: Email Marketing integration and dashboards
      • One-click display of campaign details

      We will also take a look at the upcoming additions to GoldMine Outlook functionality including:

      • Linking draft emails in Outlook to GoldMine contacts
      • Using email templates from GoldMine in Outlook
      • Searching for GoldMine contacts in Outlook via email address

      In addition to our feature topic, we will also have a GoldMine News Roundup, Product Roadmap Review, and an Open Q&A Session.

      You can register here.