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    Outlook Link linking emails that are cc'd to the user

    LHurse Apprentice

      I have a longtime GoldMine customer who recently stopped using GM as their email client and started using the Outlook add-in and it's working well.  However, they're noticing that there are multiple copies of the same email in History when the incoming email cc's more than one person in the company.  So an outside source sends an email to customer user #1, but CCs 3 other people in the same company and that results in 4 copies of the same email in the contact record's History.


      As a test, I setup an email rule in GoldMine to delete from database any emails where the user is a "cc".  That didn't work - was hoping the OL add-in would respect the rules, but no such luck.


      Outside of them having to manually unlink emails that are sent to them as a cc when the primary recipient is one of their co-workers, is there something I might be missing?  We already have their domain as an exclusion in the settings of the OL add-in.  However, this issue is when the email comes from someone outside the company.


      Appreciate any input.


      Thank you in advance!