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    emails moved to deleted


      Hello, I am a system admin/technican for a client that uses Goldmine Premium Edition 2016 client to manage their Office365 email accounts.


      One user is experiencing messages being moved to the Deleted folder. I am suspecting the Goldmine client, as his other email clients are mobile based (iPad & iPhone). The mobile devices are set to read only, and should not be able to delete messages from the server.  I confirmed this in Office365 EAC for his mailbox.  There are no mail rules or forwarding set up in O365 for his mailbox. I also logged into his OWA account to confirm no mail rules.


      My apologies, I am not familiar, nor are my colleagues, with Goldmine. They way the user describes it, Goldmine is set to move messages to folders based on how the contact is categorized. As I understand it, if Jim from XYZ Co. emails, the Goldmine client would see that Jim is from XYZ Co. and move the message to a folder associated with XYZ Co.


      Would any of you fine folks be able to point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this issue?  Thank you in advance!