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    Linking multiple emails from Outlook

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      I have a customer who needs to retrospectively link a large number of emails from Outlook back to GoldMine (2017.1 HF3 I think it is). I suggested that they select a group them then hit the multi-link button on the toolbar, but when we tried it every time it hit an email where the sender wasnt in GoldMine (quite a few of them arent) it would prompt us first to find/create a contact, then if we wished to continue if we canceled the first box. Is there any way around this, to be able to select a group of emails and only attempt to link the ones from contacts in the database?

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          michaela.witters SupportEmployee

          Hi Ronan,


          Currently, only the Outlook Integration (GoldMine Plus for Outlook) does have a fairly good feature to link emails en masse, even as you described with the popup for email address not found in GoldMine, where you have to Cancel and then press No in order to proceed if no contact should be created.

          Not that I have tested extensively but so far as I have seen and tested there should be no way to suppress the popup window for senders not yet within GoldMine. (I have tried the settings within GoldMine Tools >> Options >>  E-Mail >> More Options >> Tab Retrieval >> Uncheck Prompt if E-mail address is not on file and also Outlook's GoldMine Plus Option >> GoldMine >> Setup GoldMine Plus >> Options >>  Uncheck Prompt if E-Mail address is not on file when Auto-Linking received E-Mail)


          Additional information: The current Outlook Link (new in GoldMine 2017.1) is not yet intended to link emails en masse 'properly'. It works fine for emails from one sender (one email address), for example, sort by sender and then mark and link them in the same way as a single email, but otherwise, for other scenarios emails may be linked to incorrect contact records as from our testing either all emails are linked to the currently existing contact record or to the searched or newly created one. There exists a Feature Request RM 254811 - Outlook Link: Make it possible to link emails en masse (e.g. when the user was working with Outlook a while offline and not connected to GoldMine, or user decides to use Outlook Link after a lot of emails are already in the Inbox folder



          I hope this helps.