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    Exchange and IMAP

    LHurse Apprentice

      We have a customer using GoldMine - some users use GoldMine for their email client; others use Outlook.  They are about to switch to an Exchange server - hosted, which really doesn't make any difference - and the GM users want to sync their contacts and calendar from GM to Outlook so they can see that info on their phones.


      Can a company have a hosted Exchange server and have some users continue to use GoldMine's email client, using IMAP settings, and still have other non-GoldMine users using Outlook with the Exchange MAPI settings.  I have an IT consultant saying it has to be one or the other.  And even if they can have users split between using IMAP settings and MAPI settings, will contacts and calendars, once they are synched to Outlook, be available in all other devices that have the Exchange settings?


      Hope that makes sense and I appreciate any feedback.