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    PSP with dependant package


      Hi there


      I have a problem with my distribution:


      I have to deploy Package A, wich installs a programm, and right after i have to deploy Package B wich opens a program und sets some reg keys (HKCU).

      I created all the packages and tasks, and each of them works.


      Here comes the tricky part: since package B will open a programm, the task can only be startet if the user is logged in. And since it will also write some HKCU reg keys, it cannot be a dummy user.


      I've decided to make this via PSP (with flag: Delay installation/removal until next login). But if I try to deploy that, I always get the following error message:


      "The Setup cannot find the required setup controller files. Either there was e network error, an error reading from the CD, DVD or other installation media, or a problem with the package you downloaded."


      I've testet both files via Push-Delivery and that worked. Do you have any ideas how to solve that problem?


      Regards LeSystem

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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          Why don't you just configure check the option in the Distribution package to "Run as user".


          If you are 8.7, then you don't have that option, but you have the executable, STARTASUSER.EXE, and you can just create a batch file to call it.


          Then you don't have to do the run at next login.

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            Hi rhyous


            The reason I want to do it with the PSP and when the user logs into the system is, because the package has to be executed when he is logged in because of HKCU Keys, but we have about 300 employees and I never know when someone is at the office or not.

            So i want to trigger the package, that it will be executed at the next login.

            Do you know what i mean?




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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

              I haven't tested Run at next login in a while.


              Did you say what version you are on?


              I haven't tested this feature in a long time myself, so I have set it up and am testing on 8.8 SP3.


              We will see what happens.

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                Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                I tested it.


                I created a package, used the install at next login delivery method.

                It deployed the package with multicast and set it to run at next login.

                I logged out and in.

                It installed on login.


                I wonder if your user doesn't have access to the package files or something.