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    How to speed up sending emails that are in Goldmine's OutBox?


      So we are sending lots of emails today that contain our company holiday card.

      It is just HTML that links to images on our web server, so the emails are not large in size.


      Our process is to use one computer to process the emails into Goldmine's outbox and then a second computer to actually send the emails from the outbox.


      The first part of the process is fast, the second part is pretty slow and I am looking to find a way to pick up the pace.  Computer speed and network speed is not the problem and our mail server is self-hosted and dedicated to our use.


      I was thinking of having additional computers configured to send from the outbox but I am concerned that the same email might be sent multiple times.


      We are using Goldmine Premium Edition 2016.1.0.179


      Any ideas?


      Thanks for any help you can offer and Happy Holidays!