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    Linked documents and "attach" in the file path




      Ran a report to see how many attachments we have filed away with GMPE and discovered that over the years not only have attachments been stored in the personal directories called \gmattach but also all over our file server. What I did notice is that it looks like for Incoming and Outgoing e-mails (yes this was left on for everyone), there is always either the words "\attach" or "\gmattach" in the file path.  I have assumed this is because people have changed their personal Attachment directory in E-Mail->Retrieval options.

      ex: t:\goldmine\MailBox\Attach\Denis9541.PDF and w:\GmAttach\Denis0001.PDF


      Can someone confirm that my assumption is correct or is there another reason that would explain this.


      Again thanks in advance for any insight on this.