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    Printed email name

    GCooks Rookie

      I've noticed that when printing an email it gives the page (for file name if printing to a PDF) of "about_blank"

      Wouldn't it make more sense for it to pick up the subject line of the email? Is there as way to modify this?

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          JErste Specialist

          GoldMine uses Windows' WebBrowser control to view/print the e-mail contents.  This means that print settings are controlled by Internet Explorer.  By default, when printing a web page from Internet Explorer, the URL (address) is placed that at the bottom of the page.  Since the e-mail document passed to the WebBrowser control isn't a web site URL, the footer text defaults to "about:blank".   Unforturnately, there is no way to change this to show the e-mails subject line.  But, you can turn off the footer text by going into Internet Explorer and changing the print options.