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    eMail Merge Defaults


      Does anyone know if there is a way to set eMail Merge defaults?  Ours defaults to ALL Contacts. 
      I dread the day I get a call from one of our people saying they accidently hit the wrong button and
      10k emails are getting sent out.  I got to this screen by right clicking on a eMail template in the

      documents menu's and selecting new.


      Thanks in advance

      Tim Green


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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          To the best of my knowledge, there is NOT a way to change this default.


          It's always been a mystery to me WHY they make ALL Contact Records! the default, but it is pervasive all throughout GoldMine.  It's always made me shake my head in amazement.


          Whenever the new/forthcoming "enhancement request" system is put into place, we can get the WORLD to vote for this to be changed?!?!?

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            RCruis Apprentice

            Its not great alright. The only saving grace is that the Delivery option will remember what was selected, so we just drum into users to make sure that Queue For Delivery is selected! At least this gives some level of security.

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              Doug Castell Expert

              I've had it happen to multiple customers and all of them then sent in impassioned enhancement requests to allow for an option, at the very least, to remove 'all contacts' from that list or provide a user-security permission to allow merging to all contacts..  Crickets, unfortunately, was the response.

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                JErste Specialist

                You can't disable the 'All Contacts' option but you can set the default for all users by adding these lines to the GM.INI file in the GoldMine root directory:


                ContSel= determines the Contact Selection option:

                0 = This Contact

                1 = All contacts linked to [&Contact]

                2 = All contacts in the following filter/group


                Delivery= determines the Delivery option:

                0 = Send now

                1 = Queue for delivery


                Now every time a user right-clicks on an e-mail template and merges, it will default to 'This Contact' & 'Queue for delivery'.

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                  RCruis Apprentice

                  Would you look at that! Never knew that was an option.


                  Would be very helpful if FrontRange had documented all of those settings at some point...

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                    John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

                    Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Professor Erste.  Like Ronan, I, too, never knew that was an option.  Great to know.

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                      GREAT ANSWER Thank you for posting!