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    Postal codes

    tina Rookie

      I have the USA zip codes. Are Canadian postal codes available for download? if so how?

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          AHeged Apprentice

          Similar question is, if we have a zip code database for a certain country (xls file), is it possible to import it in Goldmine?

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            It is not currently possible to import postal codes from countries in mass.



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              3cubed Apprentice

              Hi Ralph,

              What about the QuickStart Wizard under the Tools menu?  If you open the "United States Zip Code Lookups.gm" (under GoldMine\QSWPostalCodes) as a ZIP archive and extract the manifest.xml file it is possible to update this file with postcodes from other countries.  You can then save the file back to the ZIP archive and use the QuickStart Wizard to import the post codes.

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                AHeged Apprentice


                Interesting approach?

                I have tried to open manifest.gm file and import it in EXCEL. Looks interesting. Up to here I was able to do it. Even to update with my country zip codes database.

                But from this moment changing back to xml and create the manifest.gm file I have to recognize that I do not know how to do it.

                If somebody is "specialist" in xls->xml conversion, I would like to have his detailed support.

                A knowledge base article would welcomed for this topic.

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                  3cubed Apprentice



                  Here's a download link to the QSPostalCodes with the various files I used to do this for Australian post codes.  Looks like I saved the postcodes to a CSV file called "AUPCODE.csv" in a specific format (probably just used search and replace in Notepad).  Next I converted from CSV to XML (pretty sure this was done straight from Excel) and this file was called "convertcsv.xml".  Next I deleted the relevant section from the "manifest.xml" file and inserted the lines from the "convertcsv.xml" file.  Final step was to add the "manifest.xml" file back to the "United States Zip Codes Lookups.gm" file (pretty sure I used 7-Zip for this).


                  Looking at the dates of the files, I did this nearly 3 years ago so I'm sorry if my notes are a little sketchy.

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                    3cubed Apprentice

                    So I did a little more digging and I took detailed notes on how to update the post codes:


                    1) Locate the file called "United States Zip Code Lookups.gm" under the "GoldMine\QSWPostalCodes" folder.

                    2) Change file extension from .gm to .zip.

                    3) Extract manifest.xml file.

                    4)Download a CSV file version of the postcodes.

                    5) Update CSV file so format is the same as below:


                    6) Convert CSV file to XML using following website:


                    Top-level Root Name = Lookups
                    Each Record XML Name = Row

                    7) Remove existing <Lookups> section from manifest.xml file and insert converted CSV file, without the <?xml version="1.0"?> line.

                    8) Save the new manifest.xml file over the existing file in the ZIP file.

                    9) Rename the .ZIP file back to .gm.

                    10) Run the following SQL query against the GoldMine database:


                    11) Login to GoldMine as MASTER

                    12) From the Tools menu, choose QuickLaunch Wizard

                    13) Click on the postage stamp

                    14) Follow the prompts


                    Step 10 deletes all the existing F2 lookups for postcodes, so worth taking a backup of the database before running this step.


                    Hope this helps!

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                      AHeged Apprentice

                      Thank you for detailed explanation.

                      I will try with my Romanian ZIP database.