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    Goldmine client/server architecture question

    chetlet Rookie

      i'm trying to better understand the general architecture of Goldmine.  Goldmine Premium - Can the data layer be separated to make it a three tier architecture, separating the application layer/business logic from the database?

      if it's 2 tier only, what if any application logic runs on the server...or is all application logic distributed to the clients and the server is really only a database?

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          Doug Castell Expert

          There are three aspects to a GoldMine installation:

          1. The SQL database
          2. The GoldMine file share on the server
          3. The client installs on the workstation

          Nothing, necessarily, runs on the application server (unless you're running GoldMine web via IIS, listening for GoldSync connections, scanning for APs, or running the GoldMine Messaging service for alarm reminder texts or whatnot.)  As such, some installations even get away with using a NAS device or LINUX box to host the application share.