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    Can i get the serial number of fujitsu scanners


      dear all ,


      iam trying to pull the serial number of 200 fujitsu scanners to the LANDesk Inventory


      i can see simple information about these scanners in the inventory ( Manifacure , name , number ) because it is connected via USB

      i went to Ports --> USB --> Device --> 3 --> ...


      but i want to get the serial number but  :

      1- the seriall number is not  written in the regisry 

      2- i can see the serial if i go to control panel ---> scanners and cameras ---> right click fujitsu scanner  ---> go the tab device info ---> serial number

      3- the vendor cant help till now


      where is the Hero which will solve this ??????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      I am waiting  ........