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    Print all emails from a contact

    GCooks Rookie

      Hello all - I am needing to print out every email I have sent/received to a particular contact (the actual email, not just a list of the subject lines). I thought there was a form to do this in the Report Center but have been unable to find it. Am I missing something? Is there an easy way to do this? Is there a way to do this at all?



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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          To the best of my knowledge, there is not a decent way of doing this within GoldMine itself. (I welcome others to correct me and HOPE that I'm wrong, but I don't think that I am.)


          Yes, there is a way to SEARCH the Email Center based on various criteria and find all the emails you want to print. However, that search is painfully slow and inadequate, at best.


          Even if you manage to locate all the emails you want to print, good luck on printing them in mass vs. one at a time.


          (Again, to the best of my knowledge.)


          Depending on the seriousness of the need, you might benefit from or wish to consider Compliance for GoldMine (http://www.castellcomputers.com/?page_id=100) from Castell Computers (DCastell).  This would merely allow you to get the desired emails all over into Outlook, but then Outlook has a very nice way to print emails in mass.


          Food for thought.  Hope this feedback helps (AND I hope someone proves me wrong).

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            RCruis Apprentice

            I agree with this. There is no way to do this from GoldMine that Im aware of. We had a client recently who had a similar requirement and Doug's Compliance tool did the job for them (it was an export rather than a print, but as John said Outlook can print multiple emails).

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              CButle2 Apprentice

              There is a GoldMine report that is called Mailbox Report. That may be able to be manipulated to only show one account's emails.

              It looks like it prints them all. My demo database does not  have more than a few thousand so that is not a problem. I  tried to restrict it to just one Accountno and I only got one email. Maybe someone else can set parameters that would print emails for just  one account or for the current account. I don't see any other reports that would give you the body of the emails unless a History report could be tweaked to show that info but I think it needs too much work to link it to the body of the emails.

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                GCooks Rookie

                Thanks, Charlie. This would appear that it could work but for some reason it ignores any filter that is active (and Current Contact Only is grayed out). So after processing for about 10 minutes, it "printed" (to my screen) over 20,000 emails.


                So - if anyone does know how to get this report to only print out emails from the current contact (or a filter) that would be great!

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                  RMacha Apprentice

                  From context is sounds like you might be well served to learn about "Compliance", an app you can purchase from Castell Computers, that focuses on exporting all e-mails from selected account records into a .pst (Outlook) file.  This both archives the info and makes it possible to use Outlook functionality on it, including printing them out selectively or in whole.  It also makes it very convenient to pass this information to other interested parties, such as compliance authorities or (God forbid) lawyers.


                  Check it out here:  http://www.castellcomputers.com/?page_id=100

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                    John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

                    Just curious if you read my reply from back on Jan 9th, Rob?


                    I hope all is going well?

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                      RMacha Apprentice

                      Apologies, John. I must have had my answer formulated when I read the question and rushed to type it. I remember looking for a response post by Doug, but must have jumped right past your post to get on with mine.  As usual, your post was plenty complete and clear.  

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                        CButle2 Apprentice

                        You could add that one record to a new database and run the report from that database.




                        Charlie Butler

                        Relevant CRM


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                          GCooks Rookie

                          Thanks for all the responses. In doing further research, I've found that this CAN be done within Goldmine, however it's a rather convoluted "work-around" process. Here's the knowledge base article with the steps: Mailbox Report displays html code for email tem... | Ivanti User Community

                          After doing this I have the following tips and feedback:

                          1) After you've gotten the "accountno" value, close the sync spy if you plan to go to other contacts that you need to print from, otherwise things get weird...

                          2) When you do print (I always print to window, then print to PDF), you should know that a new page isn't started for each new email. If someone knows of a command to insert into the form that would force it to start a new page with each email, that would make things much easier to read.

                          3) Because this is more of a work around with multiple steps and doesn't do the page breaks, if you've got more than a few contacts to do this for, the "Compliance" form Doug would definitely be the way to go, available here: http://www.castellcomputers.com/?page_id=100

                          Again, thanks for all the responses!

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                            John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

                            That's what we in the South call going around the block to get next door!


                            Absolutely nasty that each email doesn't start on a new page.  However, I think I've managed to get it to do so, as follows:


                            1) Edit the Layout of the report.  (I actually cloned it, to leave the original as is.)


                            2) Double click the Sort 1 Header to modify its properties.


                            3) CHECK the first "Advance Page" option.

                            4) Click the BREAK FIELD button and change Userid to RECID.

                            Save all your changes and try again.  That worked for me, at least.


                            Hope this feedback helps.

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                              GCooks Rookie

                              Thank you for that suggestion, Jim! It seems to work well. But now I've discovered another issue...

                              At the top of each email there isn't the usual "From" and "To" fields - it just has the Date, Time and Subject. I've looked through the Field Expressions but haven't found a way to add that to each page... Without that info, it's really difficult to track who sent what.

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                                John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

                                Ugh!  You are right (personally, I've never used this report and have purely been trying to be helpful with your needs/questions).


                                Looks to be a gross shortcoming of this particular report.


                                Clearly something that should be submitted for improvement, at the very least.