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    Chromebook import

    samurainigel Apprentice

      Hi everyone,


      I've been breaking my mind over this one and wondered if anyone had any useful information for me. I followed the directions for setting up the Chromebook import from Gsuite here: How to setup Chromebooks in LDMS 2016


      I tested this on my dev server, and even though it took a little bit of time (I let it run over night to collect all of our 50,000+ devices) it did eventually pull this information into the console. Since it worked so well in dev, I attempted the exact same steps on my prod server, but it didn't work. I scheduled a run over the weekend, but came back in today and no records were imported. SO I removed everything and started from scratch, walking through the documentation again, even generating a new client cert from Gsuite, removing and re-adding all of the settings in both google and the Ivanti console. I tried restarting my scheduler service, resetting IIS (I saw something about this in a related search regarding certs) and tried rebooting the entire server in case there was some hung process or something that I couldn't identify. Still nothing.


      When I go look at the Dashboard on the Google API and Services page, I see some sort of "traffic" though there's not much description about what's actually happening during the run. I walked through the test on Google again, on this page: Chromeosdevices: list  |  Directory API  |  Google Developers - And the test completes successfully. I see results from our Google domain, and a short version of our list of Chromebook is displayed. This leads me to believe that all of the stuff on the Google end is configured and working properly, but there's something not connecting from our server and Google.


      When I go to Configure -> Device Discovery -> Chromebooks, and run the "Test Credentials" the window just times out for a long, long time (it did this on my dev server too) and eventually starts responding again after a minute or two. There are no messages about whether or not the test was successful. If I put in credentials I know to be incorrect, I immediately get a failure message, so I think the credentials and certificate are okay.


      What else am I missing here? Is there some sort of configuration I've not done? Are there certain rules on the server or in the console that need to be set a certain way? I'm really out of ideas here!

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          samurainigel Apprentice

          Got it figured out! I dug around a bit and found the log file for the Chromebook import. It was called "ChromebookApiRequest.log" and is stored in \LANDesk\ManagementSuite\log. I took a look and it was indeed doing the work, and I saw that it was creating scan files in the ldscan folder. So I copied the path to one, opened it directly, and saw the contents which showed all of the Chromebook information.


          But wait a minute. This thing was from like an hour ago. Why is the scan file still sitting in the ldscan folder? I browsed to ldscan and found... about 650,000 scan files, sitting around not being processed. The OS had a hard time even displaying the contents of the folder! I tried killing and restarting the inventory service and it just wouldn't do anything. So I stopped the inventory and scheduler services, and knowing there was no easy way to delete that many files with the GUI, I opened an admin command prompt, browsed to \LANDesk\ManagementSuite\ and ran a del /f/s/q ldscan > nul which gutted every file from the ldscan folder and its subfolders, leaving the actual directories in place. Then I started up the inventory and scheduler services again, and scanning started to take place again. I turned back on scheduler and re-ran the Chromebook task. It took about ten or twenty minutes before I started seeing the Chromebooks pop into the console, and the inventory service did start to back up a bit again (I think we got up to about 10,000 files in ldscan again, but it eventually got them all processed.) I now have 59,000 Chromebook records in the console.


          Figured I'd just share an update for anyone who runs into this problem, so I hope it helps!