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    Salesforce for Outlook plugin


      The idea with this template is for the Salesforce Addin to be controlled by an AD security group such as Appsense-Salesforce

      if you are apart of this group then Salesforce for Outlook will automatically launch when you Launch outlook

      If you are not in the group then Salesforce for Outlook will not launch at all ( it will not even sit in the System tray)


      several tasks are required to achieve this:

      0. create a AD group Appsense-Salesforce

      1. install Salesforce for outlook on your Base image

      2. remove it from Startup. your location may be here: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

      3. export & remove both registry keys from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins  (You will inject this in to HKCU with Appsense shortly so ensure you export the content)

      4. In appsense EM under Process Started create a node called Outlook and  set the user process name is equal to outlook.exe

      4.1 Create a subnode of Outlook such as Salesforce Addin.

      4.2 create conditional actions based on your AD group e.g... Appsense-Salesforce (follow the attached image labelled insert regkeys in to HKCU)

      5. set your application personalisations listed below (screenshots provided

      6.set your Windows personalisations listed below (Screenshots provided)


      Application Personalisation:

      Create Group > Salesforce for Outlook

      Folder path: C:\Program files (x86)\salesforce.com\Salesforce for Outlook\

      Executable: SfdcMsOl.exe


      Set a folder exclusion: {CSIDL_APPDATA}\salesforce.com


      Windows personalisation:

      Create group> Salesforce

      Registry: > Windows 7 and later ( specific to your environment)



      Files and Folders

      Windows 7 and later ( specific to your environment)


      {CSIDL_APPDATA}\salesforce.com\Salesforce for Outlook\DB\

      {CSIDL_APPDATA}\salesforce.com\Salesforce for Outlook\resources



      Hope this helps someone else.