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    Scanning for Hardware

    BeeJay Rookie


           When Ivanti scans for hardware, from where does it grab this information exactly?  We are having some discussion amongst our team and there seems to be a split.  Does Ivanti scan the Registry for this information or is it looking elsewhere?  The reason for this lies in a scenario we had where a hard drive was removed from a laptop but the serial number on the hard drive did not match the serial number listed in Ivanti.


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      Bryan Mangels

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          cjensen SupportEmployee

          Hi Bryan,


          Hardware information is typically gathered via WMI on the device through various classes. If you are experiencing some oddities with the hard drive, I would suggest taking a look at the Win32_DiskDrive WMI class on the device in question using WMI Explorer and see if the previously removed device is still listed. If it is, that is why it is being pulled into inventory. If it's not, I would suggest reaching out to support to do some additional troubleshooting.



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