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    Clone Module

    John Haddad Expert

      can i clone whole module and restore it in another DB


      For example request management module and add it in another DB .

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          Motaz ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Haddad,


          Cloning a module using the Clone Module tool provided by Ivanti is not suitable for this case (As far as I am aware this tool can be used within the same database - no database destination can be selected during the cloning process). The best thing to do in such cases (in my opinion) is to use Design Transfer in the following order:


          • All the attributes with filters
          • All other attributes
          • Categories
          • Ordered Lists
          • Reference lists
          • Roles and Groups
          • Queries only, no filters
          • Windows
          • Processes
          • Response Levels
          • Self Service
          • Dashboards


          (This list is taken from another post - Help with Design Transfer tool )


          I suggest you backup both databases prior applying any changes. There might be some manual actions you may need to take afterwards like setting up the default processes.

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            John Haddad Expert

            Ok Motaz,

            in design transfer have like this :


            give me the order here ! please

            i'm not getting your order like ( Attributes with filter & self service )


            and i have filter for each action added as filter and in window

            also have templates

            in which step should i take !!

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              John Haddad Expert

              Locking and transferring modules

              If you are logged in to Console as a user who has their culture set to the default language, you can export locked modules using Design Transfer so that they can be imported into another database.


              https://help.landesk.com/docs/help/en_US/LDSD/10.0/Default.htm#038 2016 New Features/CreateModules.htm%3FTocPath%3DRelease%2520documentation%7CNew%2520Features%25202016%7CService%2520Desk%25202016%7C_____6

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                Motaz ITSMMVPGroup

                This will only work for modules that are created manually and not OOTB modules. For example, I created Project Management module and I was able to transfer it between multiple databases with no issues. You could give that a shot and it will definitely work!