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    Certificate: Migrate Self signed to CA


      Since 6.7.1 we have been using the LANrev self signed certificate.  We now want to manage Apple Store Applications for our growing Mac inventory.  We have the Apple VPP set up already, I have added IIS to my Windows LANrev server but I am stuck at the certificate portion.  The LANrev MDM server can only accept a pfx file and yet my export from the LANrev Admin console provides a pem file.  That said I believe I need to request a certificate from our third party certificate vendor of choice.  (Please correct me if I have gone astray already!)


      In order to move from a self signed certificate to a CA would I lose communication with my existing desktops and laptops, even those that are not on the network?


      At present we are not planning to use LANrev for mobile devices other than laptop computers running a full operating system of either Windows or Macintosh.


      LANrev 7.4.1

      Windows 2012 R2

      Clients: Windows and Macintosh