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    Search for Incident box


      Do I have any control over what parts of Incident are searched when using the Search for Incident Box ?  I want to change our system to also search a certain Journal field for whatever we type in this box also.  For instance, we have a Journal entry created automatically with every ticket.  This journal entry is used to keep a running record of our steps as we work on the ticket.  I would like this field to be searched when we use the box above as well as the Description and Summery Fields.

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          Sure on each field in the business object you have the option to make them searched search and full text searched (definitions below with a link to the original help source)



          Makes this field searchable. For example, number fields often produce unexpected results when performing a text search. You can check this field to make your field search correctly. An example is the IncidentNumber field in the Incident business object.

          Full-text Indexed

          Text and binary fields can be full-text indexed. The system indexes unique words for fields that are marked as full-text indexed and uses them in full-text search and simple keyword search in the business object workspace.


          NOTE: We recommend setting only a limited number of fields to full-text indexed, because setting too many fields can cause performance issues.




          To get to the fields configuration:

          • Open the AdminUI (Login in Administrator role and click Configure Application Top Right)
          • On the left hand me nu select Business Objects
          • On the displayed objects select Incident (or search top right hand side on tat area for the object you wish to change.)
          • Open the fields tab
          • Select the field tick the boxes and press save
          • Refresh the main UI for the change to take effect.


          One word of caution please do not tick every field on every object as full text index only the field you need as there is an over head.

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            This information is very helpful.  However, my problems usually come from not knowing which object to do something in.  I am wanting to use the Search for INCIDENT box but also search content in notes.  If I use the information that you listed above, then I must be missing something because when I look at the Incident Object fields, I do not see a notes or journal field listed for me to make searchable.


            I am obviously doing something wrong?

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              The search in the upper right is only tied to Full text searching. If full text searching is not correctly working for an object, that search will be completely gone.


              Full text searching will only be able to search on the business object it is in and won't extend to any child objects. You can't search journal items from Incident's full text search.



              You can build a saved search that can have a context of 'is related to' to be able to query child objects.