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    Template Action to determine OS and apply software for that OS

    MrGadget Expert

      Running Landesk 2016.3

      I've been trying to figure out how to have a action in the template to determine the OS (Win 7 or Win 10) then install software for that OS.

      In this Doc Provisioning template conditionals they use a if and else to see if its a laptop or not and deploy the appropriate image under the OS installation section of the Template.

      I just launched a new computer and looked at the inventory at that point and there's not enough info in the Inventory to determine if its a laptop or not, so I'm assuming this would only work for a reimage of a computer that's already in the database.

      Also in the Public Variable tool under os provisioning which the If uses the choices are String or Database. "Database" is things in Inventory so where does it look for a "String"?.


      Does anyone do that in their templates?