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    How to constraint Priority based on Service and Category?

    DodiyIBS Apprentice



      I want to constraint Priority based on Service and Category. The idea is when analyst select Service and Category in Incident, Priority will be filtered. Right now, Priority constrained by Impact and Urgency. These are sample of the matrix:


      Email ServiceConnectivityPriority 1
      Email ServiceAccount LockoutPriority 2
      Desktop ServiceAccount LockoutPriority 3
      Desktop ServiceApplication ErrorPriority 3
      Printing ServiceConnectivityPriority 4


      Is there anyone had experience with these requirements and can you give steps how to configure it.



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          TKeen Apprentice

          Hi There,


          You can change the calculation Business Rule for Incident by doing the following:


          1. Log in as Administrator

          2. Go to configure application

          3. Go to business objects

          4. Select incident

          5. Go to the business rules - editing and calculation rules

          6. Find the "Calculation Rule for Incident.Priority

          7. Change it to include the following highlighted in Red:


          This will allow you to keep the priority based on the impact and urgency but will also meet your matrix sample in you example.


          Of course you can take out the Urgency/Impact from the calculated If Statement.


          Hope this helps


          Best regards,


          Tom Keen