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    Using recurrent prices for items in service requests - not monthly

    jeffnohl Apprentice

      Hi All


      Is it possible to define a recurring price / cost for an item, and define the recurrence time?


      I am using price lists to define a standard set of items / contracts / subscriptions in request offerings. This all works brilliantly for one time costs, or if the price is monthly, however at times I need to be able to define a recurring cost per day or week.


      My configuration is:

      - Added two values to the "Price List Recurrence Type" list of "Daily" and "Weekly".

      - Create a few price list items where the recurrence type daily or yearly is selected.

      - A pick list for international data packs is created. This is just price list items of a certain type.


      So now in the request offering, a drop down is created, and the pick list is used.


      All goes well for the one time, but whatever I have done so far, I can't get the "recurring" charges to display as anything other than /month.

      I would expect the Optus plan to show up as a daily, and the yearly should show up as yearly. (in this example anyway)


      Am I missing something? Or is it not possible to define a difference recurrence time?