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    Response levels and escalations

    Mark6785 Apprentice

      We have a request system, and at one point a "Procurement" task is generated.

      The Process of the procurement task has 4 distinct statuses

      There is a single "response Level" applied to the task and this has 4 "Escalations" , which use the 4 statuses as their stop and start points to make them sequential.

      Each Escalation has (you guessed it) 4 actions , which change colour and send out emails as that Escalation progresses, culminating in it turning red and breaching.


      The problem ,in a nutshell, is if it breaches in an earlier Escalation, it continues to be breached when the next Escalation starts. I'm not sure if this is by design. This doc seems to suggest you can set it either way, but i dont think im grasping it properly.


      Indeed its not clear if the subsequent escalations are even starting because even if the task is going to stay breached , the first action of all escalations is to turn it green - which dosent seem to be happening. However the emails are getting sent so i guess the next escalation is running - is the final stage of the first escalation constantly overriding it?

      Here is example of one of the 4 escalation configurations:


      I'm unclear on "Completion type" this can be set to 'Enter status' or 'Leave status'.

      Also not sure what the "use re-escalations" thing will do.