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    Windows 10 Ent 1709 - Accessibility, High Contrast




      This is a pooled VDI environment and the issue is dead simple to reproduce.

      Users must be able to set the high contrast setting under 'Ease of Access --> Color & high contrast' if they need it due to visual impairment.

      I enabled the proper personalization settings and I can indeed see under the 'Personalization Analysis' the settings are captured.

      Problem as it seems, is timing.

      If you logoff as a user and then as administrator I delete the user profile that was saved locally, next time he logs in, he gets a new profile, based on the default user profile.

      AppSense Personalization then kicks in and brings pretty much all back. EXCEPT the high contrast settings.

      I can see in a registry key (HKCU\Control Panel\Accessibility\HighContrast) the value Flags is changed from 126 (meaning none) to 127 (meaning enabled). AppSense does capture that.

      But once the profile is recreated, the value goes back to 126. It is like AppSense is doing what it needs to but before Windows is done with the user profile and then, due to the wrong timing, the setting is not honoured.

      Has anyone seen something like this?