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    Deploying crystal reports through portal




      In the last 6 months we have upgraded our version of ITBM to 7.2.5.  In our previous version users where able to access reports developed in Crystal Reports through a link and a crystal viewer.  Since the upgrade we no longer have this functionality.  Is it possible in this version and we just need to configure it?





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          LegoGuy SupportEmployee

          There is the option to print a report of the page that you're viewing.  For example you if you are viewing an incident, there is a link you can click that will open a crystal report that shows all of the information for that incident.  To configure this option you'll need to login to the administration page and set the path to the crystal reports files.  http://server/serviceportal/config/login.aspx


          If you are talking about being able to print multiple crystal report files that aren't necessarily tied to the page you're viewing, than this is done using the Crystal Reports server.  The server sets up a web page where you can open crystal reports and run them remotely.

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            or are you talking about a shortcut from which you can launch a particular report too? that is possible aswell....


            *edit* sorry, you are clearly talking about portal here and I meant console...never mind...

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              Thank you for your reply.


              I am looking for any suggestions for how best to make reports developed in Crystal Reports available to users over the portal so they can run them.  We are able to add links and publish the ITBM queries and reports but since the upgrade are only able to access crystal report reports through console.

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                karenpeacock SupportEmployee

                There is a web based component of crystal that you get with ITBM called Crystal Enterprise (in Crystal 10 anyway, I think in Crystal 11 this is called Crystal Reports Server).  It's provided on a seperate CD.  If you have a search on the web about the functionality of these then you can better assess if this is the type of functionality you are looking for.


                Best wishes