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    Forward to Workspaces or Self Service Portal URL depending on your current interface

    cbrownsword Apprentice

      We have a Self Service Portal Dashboard for New User Requests with a URL gadget that shows an image with some text.  The image has a direct link to the New User Request window in Self Service Portal.


      We're trying to use Workspaces as well as the Self Service Portal on the same dashboard but when clicking on the image when in Workspaces it takes the user to a Self Service Portal page. 


      I understand this can be broken up so that there's a separate gadget on the dashboard for the link, but doesn't look as good in the SSP or Workspaces.  Is there anyway to forward to a Workspace URL if originally coming from Workspaces in a similar way that you can leave out wd or ss from a URL to stay in webdesk or Self Service?