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    Standard Change

    Dan_Mills Apprentice

      Hi all,


      I'm looking at improving the Standard changes we currently use in HEAT and have a couple of questions.


      I'm also interested in how other companies record their standard changes for inspiration.


      We currently use the "templates" function which allows for one further drop down menu for all standard changes. E.g. "Templates" -> "Standard Changes" -> "List of all Standard Changes"


      Ideally we'd like to add a further menu so we can filter by application e.g. "Templates" -> "Standard Changes" -> "Application 1" -> "Standard Change for Application 1"

      Does anyone know if this is possible at all?


      Also, we are trying to relate services affected (I.e. the application) to the change record, we can search for it in the edit of the template, however when creating it does not link. This may be because the Services aren't a drop down menu however we are not sure.


      Any help and assistance would be greatly beneficial, as well as advice on how others do STD CHG


      Many thanks


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          MarkLarvo Specialist

          Hi Dan,


          We too are frustrated by the template menu being only one level deep. I have not found anyway to work around this.


          Right now we use the following "folders".




          Standard - Ad hoc

          Standard - Monthly

          Standard - Quarterly

          Standard - Weekly


          We used to display/publish them by team based roles but with 35 teams this quickly became a maintenance headache as we rolled out other modules.


          Now everyone sees all of the templates using the "folders" above. If our list gets really long we will use the "Hide in UI when:" and '$(!CurrentUserInTeam("teamname"))


          For the template I've attached a screen shot from a standard change. You can see in the red box where the Search and Link is performed for 2 servers and 1 application.


          Hope this helps! Mark.


          Standard Change Template sample.bmp

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            Dan_Mills Apprentice

            Thanks Mark!