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    Automatic Incident and Service Request Assignment based on Team work Load balance in HEAT SM

    riad.amastha Rookie

      Need to develop a way for  Service Requests and Incidents to be assigned to Owners automatically based on the TEAM work load.

      In other words, lets say there is a group of SDAs in a TEAM, and someone submits an Incident or SR via Self Service, is there a way that the Incident or SR be

      Automatically assigned to the SDA with the least Work Load?

      Anyone knows if a solutions for this exists for HEAT SM?

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          You can manage this using the internal WebService functionality, it's a bit advanced as it requires knowledge of JavaScript and the methods used in the API. Your basically leveraging custom javascript to work out the logic.


          You can use the Get() function to get a list of the current objects to calculate the current workload for the users.


          Parse that into an array or object so you can find out which one has the least amount.


          var curIncident = Get("Incident#", "$(RecId)");

          var BOFieldObj = Get("frs_data_business_object_field#", curFieldConnectorServiceTrigger.Fields["BOFieldName"]);


          You can then use the Update() function to update the object with the desired value.



          "TSSRecID" : curFieldConnectorService.Fields["RecId"],

          "ObjectType" : "Incident",

          "ParentLink" : "$(RecId)",

          "ServiceName" : curFieldConnectorService.Fields["ServiceName"],

          "IsComplete" : false



          You can use the Create() function if you were wanting to create something like tasks for the users instead.


          var newConnecterTransaction = Create("frs_def_connector_transaction#");



          https://help.ivanti.com/ht/help/en_US/ISM/2017/Index.html#Configure/ImportExportData/Web Service Methods.htm%3FTocPath%3DDevelop%7CWeb%2520Service%2520Scripting%7C_____1