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    TASK OwnerTeam/Owner: Auto-populate Team when Owner selected, when Owner constrained by OwnerTeam

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      Good day!


      We have been successful using the constrained list for Owner, where a person selecting the OwnerTeam only sees the team members.


      Sometimes we know who the Owner should be, but we do not know their team. In this case, we would like to leave OwnerTeam blank and select the Owner. Then the OwnerTeam should automatically fill in. Basically, the opposite of the OwnerTeam/Owner constraint. Since there would be only 1 value in the constrained list it would auto-populate.


      We have tried a few ways to do this only to end up some kind of loop where the OwnerTeam is filled but the Owner then is emptied of the entered value and the selection list is empty.


      Is it possible to do this centrally in the system within a PickList(s)? or do we need to use an Editing/Calculation rule for each object using Owner/OwnerTeam?


      Thanks for any ideas you can share! Mark.