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    Inbound email team assignment


      Trying to have a separate inbound email listener for a particular email account and have an Incident created and assigned to a particular category, sub category and team automatically.

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          Paul.Shields SupportEmployee

          There are a few approaches you could take.  One method without having to use XSLT would be to use IF expressions and base if off of the Source Mailbox Name.


          In the email listener configuration, check the 'Include Source Mailbox Name'


          If the mailbox name is: [email protected]  the source mailbox name would be 'Email Service - [email protected]'

          Now under the Incident object, business rules, you would need to add an IF expression for the fields: Category, Subcategory, and Team.


          Example would be:



          The same could be done for Subcategory and Team as well.  You can have multiple nested IF statements as needed to meet your requirements.

          Keep in mind, that Category is usually driven off of Service so will need to ensure you are setting valid values within the business rule.