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    Attachments from Email

    DWhite1 Rookie

      We have recently just launched ITSM and we were hoping that if somebody sent an attachment through email that it would attach to the incident that was created. 


      Can somebody point me in the right direction or provide the steps to set this up?




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          Paul.Shields SupportEmployee


          You can display the Attachments sent in with an Email from the Incident object without having to attach the files directly to the Incident.


          Access the AdminUI

          Click on Business Objects

          Click on Incident

          Click on Layouts

          Select the Layout in use, example: IncidentLayout.ServiceDesk

          Click on formView

          Under Child Panels, click on the Object 'Attachment'



          This will show you the rollup sequence and you can add or modify what is there.  Here is an OOTB screen shot showing rollups from Emails, Tasks, and Task Emails:


          From the front end, open an Incident that you sent an email to that contained an Attachment.

          Click on the Attachment tab and on the far right click the little black arrow that points down and select the Object you want to display the Attachments from:


          Now you will see the Attachments from those objects.


          If you want to always display the related Attachments, when you edit the Attachment you can set to display the rollup by default:

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            DWhite1 Rookie

            Thanks for the information.  I followed the steps hoping the attachment tab would be present each time an attachment came through.  Basically, I'm wanting the Attachment tab to always be present next to the Task tab. 

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              Paul.Shields SupportEmployee

              You can set the Attachment tab visibility.  By default it is set to False.  Follow the same steps as this is under the Child Panels for the formView.  Scroll to the right for the 'Attachments' child panel and set it to True or add a conditional expression on when it should be visibile.


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                DWhite1 Rookie

                Thank you so much for the help!